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is a french designer based in Belgium. Since graduating from the Design Academy of Eindhoven (NL, 2022), she uses design to explain and challenge how we perceive, build and use technology. This practice is based on empirical (DIY) and empathic research, often resulting in creating tools, methods or experiences, rather than ready-made solutions.

Low-tech Magazine

Since 2021, she works at LOW←TECH MAGAZINE. She is responsible for the visual direction of the magazine, producing photos and illustrations, graphic design and maintaining the solar-powered website. Closely collaborating with Kris de Decker, she also builds low-tech prototypes, works on the manuals and co-hosts workshops.


As a freelancer, she builds custom minimal websites with an attention to their energy use. Other projects take the form of publications, objects, guides and installations. She has worked with design studios (Hella Jongerius, Ecume Studio) and took part in various exhibitions and events across Europe (Dutch Design Week, FabLab Barcelona, Fiber Festival).

Get in touch → via email at marie[at]verdeil(dot)net (PGP key supported), or follow updates in News or via instagram, are.na, linkedin, mastodon.


On May 31th/June 1st, I will be attending the Gentler Future Festival in Lisobn, PT. Organised by By the End of May, a lisbon based design consultancy practice. I will talk about Principles to Design a Low-tech Web and work together with Audrey Belliot on tools for a solar brunch. Stay tuned.

This website is designed to minimize energy use, based on some of the principles outlined by Low-Tech Magazine’s article “How to Build a Low-Tech Website?”. All images are compressed: please get in touch to obtain licensed high quality copies.
It's a work in progress and will be be updated at irregular times. It is designed, developed and maintained by Marie Verdeil, using 11ty.
Reach out → marie(at)verdeil(dot)net if you would like your own website!