Urban Material Foraging Manifesto

In parallel with building a treehouse in Eindhoven, we started collecting and repurposing material from our local urban environment. This "foraging" practice resulted in a collaborative guide and manifesto for urban foraging.

The Urban Materal Foraging (UMF) Manifesto is an open-source, minimal, low-ink guide to collecct ways to source material (repurposed, upcycled, second-hand, etc.) in the local environment.

Anna Mareschal de Charentenay –

The guide is made to be easily reproduced with a home-printer
Excerpt from our UMF.
Some of the furniture built with the collected materials
Anna is seating on a chair made of bike inner tubes
A stool.
Another page of the UMF.


Open-source DIY Bike Trolley

Signal Theremin

Plantenna 1.0


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Faire Cabane

Summer Hut in garden

Learn Now, Survive Later

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